topmodel SIMONA KRAINOVA 2023
topmodel SIMONA KRAINOVA for magazine TEMA 2023
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Besky for MASTERCHEF 2021
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actor TRENT GARRETT 2021
American actor and musician TRENT GARRETT 2021 shooted in Le Palais Hotel
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Karel Gott 2019
Karel Gott styled by Dusan Chrastek, production Ivana Gottova.
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Photographic project for magazine MF Dnes: Czech movie stars and voice actors/dubbers stylized next to their hollywood superstar
This is a project I am probably most proud of. We contacted 6 Czech movie stars and voice actors/dubbers, who the phenomenal team consisting of Bára Komersová, Linda Chudomelová, Pavel Kortan, Jan Malinda, Martin Moravec and Marčela Křížová stylized next to their hollywood superstar counterparts without any computer interference or editing. It was incredibly complex and tedious work, but the result was more than worth it. Since this morning, you can see in the Magazín DNES + TV Saša Rašilov opposite Johnny Depp, Jiří Štěpnička with Harrison Ford, Vladislav Beneš next to Richard Gere, Michal Jagelka aside Leonardo DiCaprio, Jan Kanyza next to George Clooney and Michal Dlouhý with Brad Pitt. A great thank you to the executive team, the movie stars who took to their respective "roles" with great resolve and most importantly, to Bára, without whose help and cooperation the project would not have happened.
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actor Paul Giamatti 2018
Portraits af great actor Paul Giamatti 2018
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actor Paul Rudd 2018
Paul Rudd - Actor, Ant-Man, Avenger, Star
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